The Artist

Lynda’s love of art began in kindergarten and was nurtured by family artists. Growing up in New York, she frequented all of the famous and small museums. Although she attended Hofstra University, her artistic career actually began in the exciting make-up and hair industry where she studied the basics of color and design. Working with “living canvases” that came in all shapes, colors, and sizes was a significant challenge… and the feedback was immediate.

She began applying the same concepts to paper, producing her early watercolor paintings. This led to experimentation in different media and study with a several prominent artists in California. She currently works in graphic design at Sagemont, Inc. where she creates logos, digital illustrations, brochures, package designs and websites.

Lynda is an award winning artist. She has served as a project leader for children’s art at Arts Alive, Mission Viejo, CA, helped judge the Chalk Festival and served as President of the Saddleback Art League in Orange County, CA for four years. She is currently living in Arizona.

Artists Statement:

In a world of high priced gadgets that breakdown, wear out, or become obsolete … art endures. Art has history. The collector becomes part of a paintings’ provenance. So, not only does a buyer own and enjoy a one-of-a-kind original work of art for the rest of their lives, they can be pass it along to their heirs. What else can you purchase for a modest investment that may last hundreds of years? 


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